OCT 5th TPS it is NOT good!

TPS Update – It’s Not Good

Following the most events related to Tulsa Public Schools, the Republican Party of Tulsa County is extremely concerned regarding the security and safety of our students and teachers, the exposure of a repeat offending, individual teacher bent on “burning down the entire system”, and blatant disregard of parents and citizens by TPS Board Chair Stacey Woolley to use a special meeting to extend Deborah Gist’s contract.


These latest events show gross negligence on the part of the superintendent, her administration, and the TPS Board Chair, Stacey Woolley.


Safety and Security:

  • Last Friday night, a 17 y/o student lost his life and another is in critical condition, following a shooting at McLain High School. Warnings were given by at least one teacher who told administration of potential problems and requested there be stronger security measures than typically used at athletic events. Obviously, no one listened.
  •  Board Chair Stacey Woolley & Superintendent Gist repeated refused and dismissed the request made by TPS Board Member E’Lena Ashley to discuss district safety and security since she was sworn in in May.
  • Superintendent Gist’s organizational structure does not have the TPS Chief of Police, Dr. Wicks, over district safety. Instead, the COO/CFO, Jorge Robles, oversees district safety & security.
  • The TPS Chief of Police does NOT directly report to Superintendent Gist, but instead reports to Robles.
  • The TPS Chief of Police is extremely underpaid compared to the rest of her cabinet and has more experience and education than most of her administration.
  • Superintendent Gist and her administration have ignored repeated requests from various principals and other school staff to increase security measures in their schools.

TPS Teacher Exposed (Again):

  • A former Owasso teacher was allowed to resign despite a public allegation that he engaged in grooming, following publicity regarding the teacher’s social media postings.
  • On April 11, the “Libs of TikTok” Twitter account shared a TikTok video posted by Owasso teacher Tyler Wrynn in which Wrynn declared, “If your parents don’t accept you for who you are, f–k them. I’m your parents now.” Read full story regarding April 2022 Owasso incident:  https://www.ocpathink.org/post/controversial-owasso-teacher-is-no-longer-in-the-classroom
  • It is alarming that he was allowed to resign instead of being fired by Owasso Public Schools.
  • TPS failed students and parents when they did not due their due diligence in fully vetting this individual teacher before hiring him.
  • TPS failed students and parents when they ignored repeated concerns brought to them by parents and education advocates.
View Teacher Video
Superintendent Gist’s Contract Renewal/Extension:

  • The Tulsa Public Schools Board of Education voted to approve Superintendent Deborah Gist contract extension on Thursday.
  • The board voted 4-3 in executive session. Those who voted no were Board Members Ashley, Griffin, & Marshall.
  • TPS Board Chair waited until the 11th hour to call a special meeting, making it difficult for parents and citizens to show up.
  • At the time of the meeting, Superintendent Gist’s annual performance review had not been completed by the board.
  • There is a total lack of transparency on what metrics she is supposed to be evaluated by.
  • Furthermore, why is the board extending a contract that is already several years out?



Fun Facts:

Students proficient in Math    OK 33%     TPS 16%

Students proficient in Reading    OK 34%     TPS 19%

It is apparent Tulsa Public Schools is in complete disarray. Gist and her administration are complete failures, and have repeatedly abdicated their responsibility to protect our students, teachers, and everyone else in the district. It is time for change!

We must come together, diligently show up to board meetings, and voice our concerns!

Board meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at the Education Service Center, 3027 S New Haven Ave, starting at 6:30 PM. Information on TPS and the Board: https://www.tulsaschools.org/about/board-of-education


In addition to showing up to board meetings, we need strong conservatives that are willing to run for office and serve as board members. In 2023, TPS Board Member/Chair Stacey Woolley is up for re-election. If you are a Republican, live in district one and interested in running for office, please let us know!

With one more seat on the School Board, we will have the ability to change the direction our children’s education is headed and replace the Superintendent, whose loyalty lies not with the students and parents, but with people focused on bleeding our education system dry with continuously failing results and bloated administrative overhead.

*Please note that TPS is currently going through their redistricting process. If you would like to run for office, make certain that you live deep into the district. Being close to the eastern and northern boundaries subject you to possibly being drawn out of the district.

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