New Voter I.D. Cards

New Voter I.D. Cards

New Voter I.D. cards are being sent out across Tulsa County due to redistricting, which occurs every 10 years, following the census. Once the dust settles from the redistricting, we will be set for another 9-10 years.

If you are a Precinct Chairman prior to redistricting, nothing will change until our next Precinct meetings that will be scheduled in early 2023. Any County Party business will use the 2021 precinct maps and elected officials (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer), until we have new elections in 2023.

Your precinct number will likely have changed as they have changed the numbering. Also, make sure to check your polling location on your new Voter I.D. card to confirm whether it has changed or not.

If you are a Precinct Chair and are wanting to walk your precinct to promote the Republican Party, please reach out to the office by email, to request a walking list.

If you are campaigning for a candidate, please get your walk list from the campaign. This alleviates a lot of frustration for campaign consultants and managers and eliminates duplication. Campaign consultants and managers have their own walk lists which sometimes differ from the list we provide, or the campaign is using a walking app (Smart phones and tablets). Please make sure if you are volunteering for a campaign that you follow the campaign’s direction on messaging and targeting voters.

If you have any questions on redistricted precincts, please contact Tulsa County GOP office or call 918-627-5702, Monday through Friday, 10 am – 3 pm.

Redistricting: What this means for Tulsa County Voters more information here 

Looking Back at Recent Events

The Republican Women’s Club of Tulsa County put on an amazing event last week with a Candidate Meet and Greet featuring over 40 candidates currently running for office. It was well attended by candidates and constituents alike. Lots of food, drink, and fellowship was had by all. It was a Win-Win for everyone. Thank you RWC for another great event under the leadership of Brenda Tiemann and her group of energetic ladies. Well done!

On Saturday, Tulsa 9.12 Project hosted an educational symposium, “Oklahoma Education…more than masks”. It was a non-stop program on our current education crisis in Oklahoma. People walked away with a better understanding of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training being currently promoted through our universities and public education through CRT (Critical Race Theory). Oklahoma State Auditor, Cindy Byrd, gave a rundown on Phase 1 of the forensic audit of the OSDE (Oklahoma State Department of Education), and boy was that eye-opening. The three Republican candidates for Superintendent of Education participated in a panel forum discussing everything from consolidation of administrative responsibilities, how sexual abuse allegations are handled, returning to teaching spelling and cursive, to their thoughts on SB1647 (school choice), and many more. Janice Danforth (Moms for Liberty) and Sheriff Regalado discussed the books found in public school libraries and we finished it up with Jonathan Small (OCPA) and Jenni White (ROPE 2.0), discussing tax credits vs vouchers, for school choice. It was a jam-packed day but so worth it! Look for videos of the different segments at or on YouTube at Tulsa912Project. There are plans to host another event in September.

Upcoming Events

Hern coffee flyer _2_.png
Heritage Action is hosting a Coffee with Congressman Hern, Wednesday, May 4th, at the Main Street Loft (202 S Main St), in Broken Arrow.

You are invited to join us as we share coffee and conversation – you just need to RSVP to

Come find out more about Heritage Action and the work they do to keep grassroots informed on important issues and the Scorecard they use to measure the votes of Representatives and Senators alike. Check out Congressman Hern’s score here

We hope you can join us this Wednesday as this is a great opportunity for us to express our appreciation for a job well-done to the hardest working Congressman in Washington D.C..

We hope to see you there!!

Don’t forget to RSVP!

2000 Mules.jpg
2000 Mules, a documentary exposing the voter fraud of the 2020 election to show this week.

Bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza exposes the powerful evidence of voting fraud that you were told didn’t exist in this powerful documentary.

Showings will be held in Owasso, May 4, at AMC Owasso 12 and May 2nd and 4th, at Cinemark Tulsa IMAX (71st and Garnett)

Purchase tickets: Owasso Theater May 4th at 7 pm

Purchase tickets: Cinemark Tulsa IMAX May 2nd and May 4th at 7 pm

Listen to Charlie Kirk’s Interview with Dinesh D’Souza, Everything You Need to Know about ‘2000 Mules’

This is not a Tulsa County GOP event.

2022 is a busy year and we have so much to accomplish. We sure could use help in several areas. We need people willing to serve on a committee to begin planning precinct meetings and our county convention. We do not have the exact dates yet as we must first wait for the Sate to call the state convention so we can work backwards to schedule the county convention and precinct meetings.

We also have many events that we could use your help with, Family Fun Day/Candidate Meet and Greet, Rooster Days, Tulsa State Fair, and the 2nd Annual Freedom Gala, to name a few.

A little help goes a long way and is greatly appreciated. Please consider volunteering for Tulsa Republican Party, it’s a great way to meet new people and have fun in the process. Email to volunteer.

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