Elections 2022

Primary Election Winners  2022

We just cant sit around and watch our country get destroyed by socialism and an evil agenda. Use your time, talents and treasure to help Take Tulsa Back.

Wer'e in Campaign Mode Now! Midterms

We are now in full campaign mode as we have completed the filings for office for county, state and federal offices. If a candidate has a primary opponent, the primary election is June 28th.
The process can get a little confusing, so here's the breakdown...

  • June 13–15  Filing for Candidacy for Tulsa City Council
  • June 28 Primary Election (county, state, federal) Republican candidates with one or more opponents
  • If no clear winner (over 50%) is determined from primary election, top two contenders go to the Run-off elections August 23
  • August 23 Run-off Elections (county, state, federal)
  • Run-off Election for Republican candidates to determine nominee for General Election against Democrats November 8
  • Tulsa City Council Primary Election – Non-partisan election – if more than two candidates are running for a specific city council seat, the candidates will participate in a primary election.
  • If no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, it goes to the general election.

November 8, 2022 is the General Election. ALL races not yet determined (county, state, federal)

General Election Tulsa City Council for races not yet determined

Republican Candidates

Past School board Elections April 5 - 2022 


Debra Taylor

E'Lena Ashley
E'lena Ashley
Tulsa Public School District 4
  • U.S. Army Veteren
  • Set policies and practices used to measure and hold schools and districts responsible Academically and financially.
  • Supports Active Parental Participation in child(ren)'s academic success.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science
  • Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Former coordinator for the Tulsa Dream Center’s youth after-school and counseling programs
  • Advocate for the Department of Veterans Affairs
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Mark Griffin
Tulsa Technology Office 3
  •  32 years at Tulsa Public Schools and Tulsa Tech in instructional, support and administrative roles
  • Professional emphasis has been in educational technology, both using technology to enhance instruction and teaching technology to students.
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